NAD’S Crema Depilatoria para Hombres – 200 ml

NAD’S Crema Depilatoria para Hombres – 200 ml

Descripción del producto
Nad?s for Men hair removal cream is an extra strength, fast acting hair removal product specifically designed to suit the needs of male hair and skin. It?s perfect for removing unwanted body hair from the chest, back, legs and arms. Nad?s hair removal cream dissolves even the thickest unwanted hair in minutes making it ideal for use on coarse hair. The cream contains soothing aloe vera to protect the skin, whilst the active agents target the hair shaft for effective and smooth removal. To use, simply apply a generous layer of cream to the desired area, leave on the skin for at least four minutes then with a soft cloth, wipe cream and hair away or wash away in shower.Nad?s for Men has a range of hair removal solutions as well as pre and post hair removal products. Each product has been specifically formulated to deliver superior results for strong, male body hair, and solve specific problems such as shaving rash or ingrown hairs. The Nad’s Hair Removal Cycle brings together a comprehensive range of pre and post hair removal products that have been carefully researched and tested. For sensational results, follow the four cycle steps: remove, soothe, release and exfoliate.

Precio: EUR 6,46

  • Formulado específicamente para ofrecer resultados superiores para la eliminación de vello corporal fuerte y masculino
  • Adecuado para usar en el pecho, espalda, piernas y brazos
  • Disuelve incluso el pelo indeseado más grueso en minutos
  • Formula rápida de hasta 4 minutos

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